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About this wiki

This wiki is set up to share ideas about online social networking and about research and academic writing in general - as it supports my study in this program. It contains information about me and my research. It's a working wiki so it will always look a bit 'messy' :-)


I began this research in January 2008. My aim is to finish the study by the end of the 2012 academic year. If you have an interest in my research you are welcome to email me. I'd be very happy to make contact with others researching in this field.


About my research

Thesis title:

Learning in 140 Characters: Microblogging for Professional Learning


The aim of this study was to examine the use of microblogging for self-directed professional learning amongst educators and to investigate the value that educators place on microblogging as a professional learning tool. The study examined how distributed groups support each other and learn together using microblogging to share knowledge. The findings from this study provide some understanding of, and recommendations for, the use of microblogging in both formal and informal professional development programs.


In examining how and why individuals engage in microblogging and the value they place on microblogging as a professional learning tool, the study focussed on the following research questions:


  1. What types of interactions occur in microblogging?
  2. Why do individuals participate in microblogging?
  3. What is the perceived value of participation in microblogging?
  4. How can microblogging support professional learning?


Read the current abstract.



Faculty of Education, Queensland University of Technology



Associate Professor Margaret Lloyd

Dr Alan Roberts


About me

Go to my personal website



What can you do here?

If you are one of my colleagues who has been invited to participate, please feel free to go to the appropriate page - edit, comment & add files. (Depending on the level of access you have.)


If you're an interested visitor, please feel free to roam around - keeping in mind that this is a work in progress and that some of the pages are for my 'puddling about'. The Sidebar has a Table of Contents.


If you think you could add to my study please email me to discuss 'writing' access to the wiki.


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